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Starting your own Purgatory Prayer meeting


Due my current employment situation, we can only send Purgatory Prayer Programs to those who live in the United States.


If you live outside of the United States, you can download a program in one of six non-English languages from our download page.


If you live in the USA and want a FREE Purgatory Prayer Program just provide your e-mail address and [the postal address where you want your Purgatory Prayer Program sent].


If you don't provide a postal address, we will have no idea where to send it. Read the following MS Word 2003 document below to give you a flavor of our charism:


Also, check out the benefits of starting your own Purgatory Prayer Program.


Click the link below (Send me my FREE . . .) if you are seriously interested in this program. I have had bad experiences where a lady asked me to send it to another person's address and the other person NEVER received it nor knew what lady I was talking about.

If you are serious about this Purgatory Prayer Program use:

    • your OWN e-mail address
    • your OWN REAL name, and
    • your OWN postal address

or don't ask for one at all.


YES, I'M VERY INTERESTED. Send me my FREE Purgatory Prayer Program today!




You can also send your request via snail mail to:

Brian Bagley
Purgatory Prayer Program
62 Elm Street
Hopkinton, Massachusetts 01748

If you send Brian a postal request for a Purgatory Prayer Program, please include some contact information, so we can stay in touch: e.g. phone number or e-mail address.

Note: It has been very frustrating when:

  • people ask for a Prayer Program
  • I send one to them asking them to reply via e-mail when they receive it
  • but I never hear back from them again.

Requesting and receiving a Prayer Program assumes you will have the Christian courtesy to reply to my e-mails. Even if you can't support our work, which is completely understandable, at least tell us that you received what we put together for you.


This work requires time, effort and money. ONLY ask for a Purgatory Prayer Program if you will use it and in Christian courtesy reply to my e-mails.


This is not the place to test the credibility of our work. To date we have sent out over 160 programs and there is a great cost that goes into this apostolate so if you will not sincerely use them, don't ask for one!!


Interested in financially supporting our work?


Check out the various ways in which you can support us!


English is not your native language?


As I stated at the top of this page, we do offer our Purgatory Prayer program on the site in five other languages.


Download a Prayer Program in your language.



Our English Version:

Review our prayer meeting outline and find out where to get the prayer meetings supplies. Our Helpers of the Holy Souls Prayer package consist of:

  • Helper of the Holy Souls Mission Statement [ .doc ]
  • Opening Prayer [ .doc ]
  • Holy Souls Prayer Holy Hour [ .doc ]
  • Closing Prayer [ .doc ]
  • Ways We Can Help the Holy Souls [ .doc ]
  • A Prayer addressed to the Poor Souls in Purgatory by Fr. Faber [ .doc ]

    The prayers in our prayer package you download below have been organized in each Microsoft Word document for printing multiple copies on a single 8.5 by 11 sheet.

Download Own Purgatory Prayer Program in English today!(WinZip file)