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Recommended Reading

The Helpers of the Holy Souls Purgatory Library.











Throughout the centuries going back to the age in which Our Lord lived, there have been many manuscripts, writings and articles on the subject of Purgatory.


We have broken our recommended reading section into two segments:

  • Books we recommend on the subject of Purgatory that are in print and you can easily buy at a local book store or on-line at web sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
    (Books in Print)

  • Books that are now out of print and are NOT accessible on web sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
    (Books out of Print)

Over the past few years, we have found certain books, that were previously out of print, have been brought back into print including some of our favorites.


For those books are still out of print, we have provided as much information as we could gather to help you find these books. Books in these two sections may have one or more of the following annotations:

        • WANTED — means we are interested in obtaining a copy of this book at a reasonable price.
        • GEM — means we high recommend this book as one of the BEST reads on the subject of Purgatory and the Holy Souls.


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